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We are a Kenyan 3D printing service that brings this versatile manufacturing technique much closer to home all without breaking the bank.

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Simply put, 3D printing is the manufacturing of physical objects like a vase or an enclosure, using a layer upon layer process.

The process is extremely versatile in that it can pull an object directly from its digital model without the overhead of creating equipment specialized to the manufacture of that object.

This makes it perfect for rapid prototyping and one time production of objects.


Objects can be printed in a plethora of materials, we now specialize in four:

  1. PLA+
  2. PETG
  3. ABS
  4. TPU

Use the link below to find out more about these materials, how you can combine them and most importantly, which one you should choose.


Ready to print something new? lets get you on the right track

If your looking for something commonplace like a vase or cartoon character, you could browse this vast library of online objects, get its 3D file then request a print below.

If your object is custom designed, in CAD software like an enclosure for your circuit or an architectural model, just export your model in .stl format then use one of the buttons below.

What are we capable of?



With dual extrusion, we are not only capable of multi-color printing, but multi-material as well. The materials don't even have to be compatible with each other as in traditional dual extrusion.



With an increasing number of printers on the job, our capacity is higher than ever. If you need a good number of custom products, we can make it happen in record time.


Layer height

With up to 0.02mm layer height and 0.2mm nozzles at our disposal, we can push the boundaries of what's possible with FDM printing. Our engineering team also went the extra mile in tuning the printers to achieve high tolerances and make your part at the size and spec you ordered it.


Our online estimation system is truly one of a kind, period. Accounting even for details such as infill, it will try and give you the best idea of what the implied printing costs will be before humans take over and give the final say.