Cubic3D is a professional 3D printing service based in Nairobi Kenya with a pricing that works even for those without an entire organization behind them.

Simplified process

Its really easy to get your object printed with our online print request system. Here are the steps:

  1. Obtain the digital design of the object either through CAD software or from Thingiverse.
  2. Request a print using the link provided below.
  3. We send you the cost of printing your object.
  4. Give us at least 48 hours to print your object. Payment is required before delivery.


The quality of your 3D print is our primary concern and we strive to produce parts that need no further finishing processes.

Rest assured, we will print out objects that are true to the form and dimensions defined in the digital design; as accurate as 0.02mm in some cases.

Personalized approach

From the versatility of the process, every print request is different and everyone has their own preferences and tolerances.

We therefore love to hear you out so that we get as much information as is needed to produce the object as you intended it to be.

Some of our clients